UnitedHealthcare & AARP

UnitedHealthcare has a long standing relationship with AARP. UnitedHealthcare and AARP are both aligned in caring about individuals over the age of 50 and their access to affordable, quality healthcare.

What does it mean to carry the AARP name?

For Medicare Advantage and Part D Medicare plans, UnitedHealthcare has a contract with the Federal government to operate plans. Medicare approves our plans annually. Many of them have the AARP name through a licensing agreement with AARP.

Offering Medicare supplement plans helps us at UnitedHealthcare to fulfill our mission of helping people live healthier lives for the millions of Medicare beneficiaries who rely on supplemental coverage as an important part of their healthcare coverage portfolio.

AARP has a choice on what plans carry its name and UnitedHealthcare feels privileged to be one of those selected. Before agents are authorized to offer AARP-branded Medicare plans, they undergo special training that helps them better understand the issues faced by people as they age and which product may be best suited for their needs.